May 5th-7th 9a.m.-6p.m.

Cost: $500 earn 14 CEUs

Thai Function Reorganization          

Understanding Feet First

The foot is the root of our being at the end of the lower limb.  The foot is one of the most

sensitive parts of our body delicately detecting the terrain underneath. Yet the foot can endure forces beyond comprehension.  It is a strong and stable propeller of our body in motion, striving to effect the right chain of events for balance and grace. 

Content of the workshop

Set your touch skills and anatomy knowledge accurately and have lasting results with your clients.  

In this 3 day intensive workshop, we will explore in detail the Foot and Lower Extremity.  Through Anatomy lectures, experiential exercises and functional tests we will learn how to assess the foot in standing and in motion.

We will learn Thai-FR Manual Therapeutics Techniques and movement cues to improve the foots' architecture and potential.

We will address practitioners' proper body mechanics and self help tips to prevent common injuries.  We will learn to work smarter not harder and be more present, relaxed, sensitive and proficient practitioners.

Meet the Teacher

Yaron Gal Carmel, LCMT, KMI, BCSI has worked as a bodyworker for over twenty years. He has studied with many masters and pioneers in the bodywork field, including Tom Myers, Christoph Sommer, Koei Kuwahara, 

Hugh Milne, Judith Aston, Gil Hedley, and Jim Asher and many others.
An educator at heart, Yaron is a senior faculty member of the Kinesis School for Structural Integration where he teaches workshops in "Anatomy Trains", ®, advanced regional anatomy, and application of fascial 

release techniques. He offers trainings leading to certification in Traditional Thai Massage, as well as courses in his own method, Somatologic Moves, which marries Thai Massage and Structural Integration. His teaching style is known for its liveliness, with experiential exercises, hands-on applications, and attention to therapist self-care. 

Yaron is the owner and manager of The Therapy Center for Mind and Body near
Boston, where he maintains a busy private practice.