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"I've suffered with chronic pain for as long as I can remember. I have tried multiple kinds of bodywork such as chiropractic, deep tissue massage and various therapies with a physical therapist that have resulted in only the most fleeting relief. Since completing a series of 6 Structural Bodywork sessions with Ellen Hoffman and maintenance visits, I'm experiencing, for the first time, overall, long lasting alleviation of my discomfort. Ellen has an understanding of the body and intuition of the misalignments and injuries that can lead to chronic pain."

- Lisa 


"I've suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years. It had been worsening to the point where my mobility and quality of life were suffering. I heard about Structural Bodywork and thought it may be helpful to begin to heal my neck and shoulder. I saw Ellen Hoffman for 6 sessions and I noticed a great improvement in my pain and also my mobility after my sessions were complete. My whole body felt more balanced as well. For me it helped more than any other type of therapy I had tried. Since that initial treatment, I have been seeing her for monthly maintenance. I feel great and I am incredibly thankful to have discovered this amazing practice. Ellen is warm, friendly and a fantastic listener. She took the time to analyze my body and assess the underlying causes for my problems. I couldn't have asked for someone more professional and talented. Thank you!

- Sara