Wednesday & Thursday

9:00-10:15 a.m.

$15 - drop in

$100 - 10 class card


With Natalie Bedouin

With Natalie Bedouin


Counter Material Movement…

Counter Material Habit is an accumulation of alignment and rhythmic-based movement tasks that draw from various sources to build agility and focus that can be employed in your everyday. This class draws from yogic philosophy and contemporary dance-making to name a few as well as Reiki, touch, massage, sound and the focus on breath. We will unhitch our ideas of what dance is and enter into the realm of what gesture, direction, vision, and the senses have to present us. Most of the class will be led in unison and incorporate a vibrant array of release techniques, jaw dropping de-stressors as well as equip us to go deeper into what we, as people, desire and hope not only for our human form, but our conscious effort within that physical reality. This class will address heart, body and mind. We can therefore build a vocabulary and acumen for improvisation. It will be diverse and specific with its movement tasks. The tasks can range from traditional to free form, working in
partners as well as addressing the individual. The intent of counter material habit is that we can maintain our physical health and immunity through taking proactive measures as a collective and enjoy ourselves while we are at it. The only prerequisites for this class are an open mind and the ability to laugh at oneself.