What does Ananda mean?

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Ananda means...

BLISS in Pali, which is an ancient language that was utilized in the Indian Subcontinent from about 5th-1st century BC.  Less important is the word itself, and more important are the people and teachings associated with the word Ananda.   We chose this name for TWO reasons:


Ananda has roots in many Yogic schools of thought and it represents the most blissful part of human existence.  This level or layer of a human is the deepest and most difficult to sublimate.  Ananda is a word part found within the Anandamaya Kosha which is one of the five main Koshas as described in the Taittiriya Upanishad.  Our goal at Ananda Integration is to help every client cultivate each of the 4 outer Koshas (physical, breath, mind, & intellect) before activating the Anandamaya Kosha... the Blissful Body!



Ananda Maha Thera was one of the Ten Principal Disciples of Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha).  He was renowned for his superhuman memory and after Gautama died, he was responsible for reciting what was to become part of the Pali Canon (like the Bible for Buddhists).   In ancient writings, he is portrayed as "imperfect" because of his sympathetic nature and his desire to create equality for women (especially in the monastic settings).  To us, Ananda Maha Thera represents the more organic, human, verdant, and gentle side of the teachings of Gautama.   

We believe that by utilizing various forms of healing art (acupuncture, manual therapy, meditation, movement therapy, etc) embodying the Earthy and "imperfect" characteristics of Ananda will bring you closer to BLISS!